Discover the Benefits of Large Windows

No matter where you are on Vancouver Island, there’s a good chance you’re surrounded by a great view of ocean, trees, land or mountains. And when you can’t be outside enjoying that view, the second best way to experience it is through large, stylish windows that help you feel like you’re bringing the outdoors in.

At Complete Windows, we specialize in providing window designs that fit your budget, suits your needs and delivers the highest manufacturer quality in Canada. One of the best ways to incorporate West Coast living in your home is by choosing bright, open window designs that allow you to experience the beauty of the outdoors from the comfort of your home.

Letting the outdoors in your home by choosing large window designs has several benefits for your home and your health that extend far beyond just how good they look!

1. Passive Solar Gain

When large windows, like those in the Series 250-T from Fleetwood Windows are positioned properly, they can actually help heat your home on sunny winter days by collecting and distributing solar energy. Similarly, these windows also help keep your home cool by rejecting solar heat on hot summer days.

2. Health Benefits

Large windows allow more light into your home, and in addition to cutting down on electricity bills by cutting down on your use of electric lighting, it can also benefit your mental health! Natural lighting can encourage better moods, more restful sleep, and even boost your energy.

3. Aesthetically Pleasing

While the health benefits and energy efficiency of large windows can’t be underestimated, much can be said for the aesthetic effect they have on a room, too. Large windows allow the outdoors and indoors to blend seamlessly, and they also make rooms look bigger. On top of all that, these visual effects can help boost the resale value of your home!

Come in to Complete Windows today to learn more about the selection of Fleetwood Windows we offer, and all the advantages of letting the outdoors in through large, beautiful windows in your home.

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