What You Should Know About Sustainable Windows

Have you noticed the words “sustainable” and “green” popping up just about everywhere lately? Many brands are making robust efforts to be more environmentally friendly not only in the manufacturing of their products but in their daily operations as well.

Sustainability is also a prominent trend in the windows industry – and one of the best things about it? You don’t have to sacrifice style when you choose sustainable and environmentally friendly windows!

Here are three other things you should know about sustainable windows:

1. Wood Isn’t Always a Sustainable Choice

Many people assume that windows made of wood are sustainable since they’re technically a “green product.” However, if the wood isn’t harvested in an environmentally-friendly fashion and with a viable forest plan, it isn’t a sustainable product. So, what’s a better option for sustainable windows? Products made with aluminum bauxite!

Not only do these products last far longer than wood-framed windows, but aluminum bauxite is also considered a sustainably harvested resource that leaves a small ecological footprint!

2. Sustainable Windows are a Safer Option

Windows made with aluminum bauxite tend to be considered much safer than their wooden or vinyl counterparts. For starters, aluminum products are inherently more fireproof than wood and vinyl. Vinyl and wood products may also release toxic omissions when they’re on fire. Vinyl windows are petroleum-based, which poses fire hazards of its own, and can also emit dangerous fumes into your home even if there’s not a fire.

Looking for safe and beautiful options for your home? Consider Fleetwood Windows and Doors products! The painted finishes on their products are factory cured at 400F to remove dangerous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which is something that can’t be done to vinyl or wooden products.

3. Sustainable and Beautiful Go Hand in Hand

Finding sustainable windows that are also visually pleasing is easier than ever before! Don’t believe us? Take a look at just a couple of the gorgeous and sustainable products available at Complete Windows! The Aluminum Series from Milgard Windows and Doors, including these simple and clean picture window options perfect for all kinds of home styles.

The Marvin Family of Brands created a material known as Ultrex Fibreglass more than 20 years ago, and it consumes almost 40% less energy in the manufacturing process than vinyl. It’s a durable material that will maintain its shape even in harsh climates. And just look at how beautiful it is!

Are you ready to learn more about some of the sustainable window (and door!) options that might be right for your home? Contact Complete Windows today so we can help!

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