Energy Efficiency & You: What About Windows?

Benefits of Energy Efficiency Windows

Using public transit, riding your bike and growing a veggie garden are all great ways of reducing your ecological footprint and leading a sustainable life. But if you really want to make a difference? Increasing the energy efficiency of your home is one of the best ways to live sustainably, and has the added benefit of saving you money at the same time.

What is Home Energy Efficiency?

Energy efficiency in the home is calculated by a variety of factors; it helps to think of the entire home operating as a system. Your living habits, such as doing laundry and taking showers, definitely have an impact. These are coupled with the number of people living in your home and environmental conditions outside the home. However, the one thing that can drastically affect the energy efficiency of your home is often overlooked: the quality of your windows.

How do Windows affect my homes Energy Efficiency?

It is estimated that up to 30% of your regular heating bill is lost through insufficient windows. If a window doesn’t keep heat out during the summer or in during the winter, the heating and cooling systems of your home are working harder than necessary to maintain a temperature. Replacing old or inefficient windows will not only save you money, but will help to keep your living space consistently comfortable for you and your family.

How will New Windows Improve the Energy Efficiency of my Home?

  • Insulation: protect your home from outside fluctuations in temperature. New, energy-efficient windows can reduce heat loss by 30 to 50%
  • Air Leakage: improperly installed windows, old caulking or broken weather stripping can let air into your home, dramatically increasing heat loss and your energy bill. Stop unwanted air leakage by replacing old windows, and watch your savings add up quick!
  • Natural Light & Warmth: south and west facing windows in particular offer an opportunity to use natural light from the sun to warm your home. Proper assessment by a professional can help you choose the best design options, and proper installation will noticeably increase the energy efficiency of your home.

What are my Options?

When it comes to windows, it pays to have professional help and advice. At Complete Windows, we have over 50 years experience in this area, and are passionate about home energy efficiency. We carry products from top-rated suppliers such as Vinyltek, Four Seasons and Marvin, and all windows are approved by the EnergyStar program of Canada.

Deciding which type of window to choose, what features to include and how to properly install the windows adds up to a big job. Whether retrofitting your home or working on a new build, our certified professionals are here to help every step of the way.

Quality and sustainability are what drives us forward. We want your home to operate at peak efficiency, helping you save on your energy bills now and long into the future. Contact Complete Windows today, or stop by our Parksville showroom to chat with an expert about how we can help you take a step toward energy efficient living.

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