Top Window & Door Trends for 2019

Finding the right balance of trendy and timeless style for your home’s design and decor can be challenging, but with so many door and window styles to choose from in today’s market, you’ve got plenty of great options!

While we’re often bombarded with the latest and greatest hairstyles or outfits that can change by the day, home style trends might not change quite as often. However, every year there are still doors and windows trends that you’ll see more than others.

Whether you’re building a new home or updating the one you have, keeping up with the latest design trends is a good way to make sure you’re left with windows and doors you love! Here are some of the doors and windows trends to expect for 2019, as well as some of the products that will help keep your home on-trend!

More Glass and Less Frame

Minimalistic and straightforward window frames are popular right now, and with bigger window panes you’ll help bring the beautiful British Columbia outdoors inside your home.

Picture windows are an awesome choice for this. At Complete Windows, we are pleased to supply a selection of windows from The Marvin Family of Brands known as Marvin Modern. These durable windows offer clear sightlines without bulky frames for crisp edges and minimal obstructions.

When it Comes to Doors, Bigger is Better in 2019

While window trends might be leaning toward a simpler and smoother look, exterior doors are going in the opposite direction. It isn’t uncommon to see homeowners opt for 12-foot exterior doors today, whether they are glass or wood doors. Similarly, interior door sizes are also on the rise, and you’ll often spot 8-foot doors inside the home where 6-foot doors used to be.

The Series 3900-T from Fleetwood Windows and Doors is an excellent choice when you’re looking to up the ante for your doors. These doors were built to fit an 80-square foot opening with only two panels, and can be fitted for spaces up to 12 feet. They are also made with thermally stable material that won’t grow or shrink with changing temperatures.

Performance is Key

Although the visual qualities of windows are always important, functional and performance qualities are increasingly important to consumers. In 2019, we’re already seeing more clients who are focused on choosing windows with superior functionality that helps cut down on energy bills and better regulates the temperature in your home.

Complete Windows is a proud supplier of Vinyltek, a company that has been producing top-rated windows for years that are NFAS (North American Fenestration Standard) ready. Their durable windows are designed to meet the strictest energy efficiency standards.

Take their Cypress Real Wood + Vinyl (PVC) window system for example. They provide an authentic real wood option that can be customized to match the floors and other hardware in your home. They are also designed to work with a variety of energy-efficient glass, so there’s no need to sacrifice performance OR beauty.

If you’re looking for help with picking the perfect windows and doors for your home no matter what style you prefer, contact Complete Windows today. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff look forward to hearing from you!

Blog image is courtesy of Fleetwood USA Complete Windows is an authorized dealer of Fleetwood USA products.

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