How to Stay Cool Without Air-Conditioning!

We’re in the thick of a summer heat wave, and for those who live on the West Coast, it can be a real struggle to stay cool. Many West Coast homes are built without air-conditioning systems (A/C) because there are so many months of the year when it just isn’t necessary. Even if your home is air-conditioned, it can be costly to run, and A/C systems are known to take a toll on the environment. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to stay cool without A/C!

One way to help keep your home cool that’s often overlooked is choosing the right windows and using them to your advantage. Here are 3 efficient ways your home windows can help keep you cool without air conditioning.

1. Keep Cool Air In and Hot Air Out

If the windows in your home are outdated and inefficient, they’re probably letting hot air in from outside, while also letting cool air from inside your home escape. The seals around your windows need to be secure and properly insulated, or you’ll never win the battle against those hot summer days from inside your home. It may seem costly to upgrade your windows, but in the long run, this is a smart investment because it will save you money on energy bills. Looks for windows that are energy-efficient, like Complete Windows’ single hung window, to ensure air is staying where it’s supposed to.

2. Use Light Window Treatments

We’ve all heard that dark colours absorb heat, and if you have dark window and door treatments in your home, they could be making your room hotter. When a dark fabric is hit with sunbeams, it turns that light into thermal energy which in turn, heats its surroundings. Choose light coloured window treatments for your home, and they’ll help reflect the sun and heat out of your home, helping to keep it cool in the process.

3. Try Night Purging

During the day, energy-efficient and secure windows should remain closed to keep cold air in and hot air out. But what about at night, when the air outside cools down? This is when you can try “night purging” to cool your home. This method involves opening windows in your house at night and making sure they’re all closed during the day. You may not want to open large windows on the main floor in your home for security reasons, so focus on opening smaller windows on higher levels.

In the evening, when the outside temperature gets lower than the temperature in your home, open your windows and allow the cool air to come in. In the morning, before the outdoor temperatures surpass the indoor temperature, close the windows to keep the fresh night air in. This passive cooling method is an excellent way to get some relief from the heat without blasting your A/C.

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