3 Top Window Trends for 2017

Ready to leap into spring with a bright new view? If you’ve been debating which home improvements you’re going to tackle this year, consider updating your windows! 2017 is looking to be an exciting year when it comes to window design and architectural trends. We’ve compiled a list of the 5 Top Window Trends for 2017 to keep you and your home windows up-to-date and in style!

Design Trends

Two consistent themes are emerging in window design, bringing with them exciting innovations and possibilities.

The first them is called transitional living. This looks aims to bring the indoors and outdoors together into a seamless flow. It relies on natural light and a minimalist aesthetic. This trend is redefining home design, and many homeowners looking to renovate are working to incorporate elements of transitional living into their improvements.

The second theme is home automation. Whether it’s helping to keep aging parents in their own homes or making sure millenials are always connected, this trend is wildly popular across generations. ‘Smart windows’ can significantly improve the security and energy efficiency of your home all while being simple and easy to use. This digital trend is only just beginning; the possibilities are limitless!

These window design innovations are sure to inspire a few home improvement projects this year! Below are a few easy ways to introduce them into your home.

5 Window Updates to Make in 2017

1. Transform Windows Into Doors

Have you got boring old double-pane windows on a sidewall in your home? Replace them with a pair of French doors, or a smooth sliding door. This will add a freshness and vitality to any room, allowing more natural light and air into your home. You will also have the added bonus of more access to the outdoors with an added entrance.

2. Add Colour

Say goodbye to ivory and eggshell; colour is making a splash this year! Vinyl frames are coming in all shades ranging from nature-inspired greens and browns to bright blues and reds. Adding colour to your window frames is an easy way to update both the inside and outside look of your home.

3. Stained Glass Panels

An old style is getting a fresh boost in 2017, finding new ways add style and colour to your home. Coming in virtually all colours and styles, a stained glass panel instantly transforms any window into a conversation piece. Use in a bathroom for both beauty and privacy, or incorporate into a valance window in the kitchen.

4. Build a Window Wall

This trend has taken the architectural world by storm, and shows no sign of slowing down this year! In keeping with the move towards transitional living spaces, homeowners are replacing entire walls with curtain windows or large window panels. While this is a major renovation, it pays off in so many ways. With this one project you can transform an older home into an architectural marvel, adding resale value and boosting its aesthetic significantly.

5. Invest in Smart Windows

Digital windows are a real thing in 2017, and the field is expanding at a rapid-fire pace. Sensors can now detect environmental changes outside, and adjust the tint on windows accordingly, letting in more or less light and heat into your home. No more blinds or curtains in the summertime! Monitoring systems keep track of locked and unlocked windows, alerting a smartphone and offering the option of remote locking. Investing in these windows will save you money in the long run by boosting your home’s energy efficiency and resale value.

These design trends offer an exciting way to update your home this year. For more information, come into our Complete Windows showroom in Parksville and chat with one of our design team members.

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