How To Choose The Right Window Style For Your Home

Stuck trying to pick the perfect windows to match the style and architecture of your home? It turns out, a lot of homeowners feel this way! Making such big decisions can be overwhelming – we get that! That’s why we’ve put together some advice for choosing the right window style for your home.

Whether it’s a West Coast, Craftsman, or modern architectural design, here are some handy tips for choosing the right windows to match your home.

West Coast Style

West Coast style architecture holds a special place in our hearts here at Complete Windows! As your Vancouver Island doors and windows experts, we know just how important it is to bring the outdoors into your home – and that’s exactly what West Coast architecture does!

When you’re choosing windows for a West Coast style home, you’ll want to go with windows that help achieve the goal of “bringing the outdoors in.” After all, the more you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Vancouver Island, the better!

To help bring the outdoors into your West Coast home, look for large windows with simple, clean lines and unobstructed views. These help make sure you’re seeing as much of the outdoors from inside your home as possible. One of our favorite options for West Coast style homes is the Fleetwood Series 3800-T Thermal Frame Window Wall.

Craftsman Style

Another popular architectural style on the West Coast is the Craftsman home. These charming homes are known for their covered front porches, low-hanging rooflines, pillars lining the front entrance, a mix of wood and stone on the exterior and other unique touches.

Craftsman style homes also tend to have double-hung windows with panes that slide up and down. This allows for better ventilation and versatility with your windows.
A great option for double-hung windows on a Craftsman style home is the Marvin Ultimate Insert Double Hung Next Generation.

These windows have a wood interior along with an aluminum-clad exterior that requires minimal maintenance. They’re also compatible with Lift Lock hardware and are available with three frame bevel options.

Modern or Contemporary Style

A great thing about modern and contemporary homes is that they allow for a lot of versatility in their design. As far as window options go, a totally unique style with dramatic lines works in a modern home, but clean lines work, too!

Some of the common characteristics you’ll see in the windows on a modern home include being flush to the home, minimal frames, energy-efficient, and they are often aluminum as opposed to wood. To give you an idea of what that might look like, check out Milgard Windows and Doors Aluminum Series! Our clients can’t get enough of their durability, design flexibility, and their ability to maintain their value.

Want to find out more about picking the right windows for your home no matter its architectural style? Contact Complete Windows today!

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